Why is an Official Permit Needed for Bathroom Remodel in Houston?

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Permits for house rebuilding and renovations are usually needed when you are doing major renovations. However, for small changes in the bathroom design, you usually do not need a permit from the authorities. You should know about the rules and regulations existing around house renovation and bathroom remodeling in Houston so that you can know the requirements to meet when the time comes. If you are searching for a designer to bathroom remodel near me, you will need to know the circumstances and ways to get a remodel permit in Houston. 

bathroom remodeling in Houston

Why do you need a permit for bathroom remodeling?

It is important to get permits during a remodeling or building process because these are linked to the safety of the building. The permits are determined according to different zones and the codes to be followed for remodeling. Safety codes for fire and electricity shocks must be followed for Houston bathroom renovations. You should talk to a design team or area authorities to learn about the types of permits you need and how to apply for them.  

Bathroom designers in Houston will help you adhere to the safety codes needed for your bathroom space. Adherence to safety codes and getting a safety permit will protect your bathroom and home from accidents, electrical fires, and other possible mishaps.  If you already had a safety permit when building the house, try not to change the wiring or pipelines of the bathroom space when renovating. 

Taking a permit from the authorities also ensures that you do not face fines or delays in bathroom remodeling in Houston. When all the permits are in place, and you are compliant with all the rules and regulations of Houston for the redesign process, you will not face any legal trouble. A good and experienced team of designers will help you stay compliant with the state’s laws so you do not have to compensate for any legal liability. 

If you are renovating the bathroom because you are selling the home or renting it out and want a value addition, you should get all the permits in order. Along with bathroom remodeling in Houston, obtaining all needed permits keeps the price of your house high. If you want to get a good resale value on the property or a good rent amount, then have all the permits and show the tenants that they will live in a problem-free house. Getting all the building permits might be time-consuming, but it is advised that the integrity and value of the house be maintained. 

Major changes need permits for remodeling

When you make surface changes in the bathroom, and the bathroom structure remains unchanged, there is no need to get permits. However, when you are completely revamping the bathing space and want to change the room’s layout from the ground up, you will need to inform the authorities and get fresh permits. Here is when you should get permits for remodeling. 

If you are going to completely tear down the walls of the bathroom and relocate or rebuild it, then you need a building permit. The permits are needed to check that the process will not compromise the structural integrity of the building. 

When you make plumbing or electrical changes in the bathroom space, relocating the switches and water fixtures, you will need to take safety permits because plumbing and electrical changes can compromise the fire safety and shock resistance of the bathroom space. 

A lot of people go for an expansion of their bathroom space because they have additional members or new lifestyle needs. Before the expansion, you have to inform the authorities and get a permit to rebuild the bathroom and expand the bathroom space. Something like changing the ceiling height of the space can take major changes and needs formal permission. 

If you are adding a new bathroom to your house and expanding the space entirely, then you need to retrace the zoning regulations and get special permits again. Before any new addition to the structure, you have to ensure that the plan meets all the codes specified by the authorities. 

This is very complicated, but with the help of remodeling and rebuilding services, you can simplify the process and get the permits as soon as possible. 


Whether you are planning a major revamp or small changes in the bathroom space, you need to consider hiring a professional team of designers. The professionals will help you redesign the bathroom and also ensure that the new development is legally and residentially safe. Contact Artesa Build & Design for Bathroom and Sauna Remodeling services in Houston. With the Artesa Build & Design team, you get great results and less headaches during the remodeling process. 

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