If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a new look and changing its features, then bathroom remodeling is a good idea. Your house’s bathrooms are important parts of the space as they are where you spend a lot of time during the day. By doing bathroom renovations in Houston, you can create a space where you can relax and take care of your daily hygiene. A complete revamp of the bathroom might be needed every ten years or so. In this article, we share with you the most basic ideas on getting started with bathroom remodels in Houston.

Tips That Actually Work For Bathroom Remodeling

Your home bathroom is a very different space from other rooms. The washroom is where you use water and bathing products all the time, so it is important to create a bath space that is functional, protected, and stylish. Here are some tips that bathroom designers in Houston usually work with. 

Replace the toilet

When you are starting to renovate the bathroom space, keep in mind that you have to make many large changes in the room. The toilet is usually a big focal point in the bathroom.  It is one of the most used fittings, too. Therefore, when trying to change the look of the bathroom, try to completely change the toilet and replace it with a newer style and design. Sometimes, the toilet becomes discolored and loses its quality, and all you can do is replace it with a new one. Simply switching the toilet setup to a more contemporary one can change the way the bath space looks. 

Change the showerhead  

The shower head above you is the main fitting in the bathroom, where you take a shower every day. A shower is very functional, but during the renovation process, you can make changes to the shower setup to create a more relaxing bath experience. Instead of a simple, single-head shower, create a dedicated space for a shower with spa-like multiple shower heads that are designed to target all the important muscle groups of the body and give you an immersive bath experience. If you prefer to take a bath in a tub, you can either thoroughly clean the tub and disinfect it or replace the bathtub with a new one. Wooden standalone bathtubs are very much in fashion now for bathroom remodeling in Houston. 

Change the bathroom tiles 

Just like the bathroom fittings, the bathroom tiles also create a huge impact on the overall look of the space. The bathroom tiles can accumulate a lot of dirt and become discolored and chipped with time. For a completely new look, you should look for classic tiles in different colors and patterns to pave the bathroom floor. Choose durable bathroom tiles that are waterproof and mold-resistant. Muted shades like light blue yellow tiles are good for bathroom floors. 

Change the layout 

For a major change in the bathroom design, you should change the layout of the bathroom and experiment with the position of different fittings accordingly. You can ask for advice from an interior or bathroom designer to finalize the new design. Toilet changing the layout of the bathroom, try to identify the problems you face and make design improvements to solve them. However, if you are tight on a budget, then go on without making major changes in the waste lines and electric circuits. 

Look for inspiration 

For a good layout that you are satisfied with, you should tap into your own vision. You can also take inspiration from different designs and examples online or from magazines and create a unique bathroom design that looks chic and highly functional. Taking inspiration from videos, articles, and Pinterest images is a very good idea. 

Change the washing space 

The wash basin and cosmetic storage in your bathroom is a very functional space that needs an upgrade during renovation. Depending on your needs and the things you store, you need to create a basin space large enough to fit a vanity or storage racks. Mostly, open racks are used to store the toiletries. 

You can also use glass racks and hanging attachments for different purposes. When changing the basin space, make sure you buy a large basin and create a countertop that looks luxurious. Pair the same with a backlit mirror, and your vanity space will be ready. Keep this area away from the shower area for maintenance. 


If you are searching for a designer to help with bathroom remodeling near me, you can contact the designer team at Artesa Build & Design for bathroom and sauna remodeling services in Houston, Texas. The design team will come up with remodeling plans that are within your budget and help you complete the project faster. Remodeling the bathroom can refresh your living space and upgrade your lifestyle. 

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